Reasons to Choose Laser Tattoo Removal

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Laser tattoo removal is one of the most frequently used methods for removing a tattoo.  Over the years, laser technology has only gotten better and over time it has become the most popular method for removing unwanted tattoos.  As a laser tattoo removal studio, we strongly believe that laser tattoo removal is the best method for removal today. Here’s 3 great reasons why a patient should choose laser tattoo removal versus all of the alternatives available:

1- Success rate: Success rate and the overall results are one of the most important factors when it comes to tattoo removal.  Patients are looking for incredible results and are willing to spend the money to get those results, so dropping cash on a method that doesn’t work is just a waste of everyone’s time and money.  Laser tattoo removal is known to have a higher success rate as opposed to other methods such as excision, dermabrasion and cryosurgery, which to us, is one of the top reasons why a patient should choose laser tattoo removal over the alternatives.    

2- Lower risk of side effects: Other removal methods have higher risks of side effects where as laser tattoo removal is known to have a lower risk for side effects.  Laser technology relies on the use of a laser beam to target only the ink pigment, which makes it so that the healthy skin in the treated area is not damaged, which is not always the case with other methods out on the market.  Depending on the method chosen, scaring, swelling, bleeding and change in pigmentation are all potential side effects, so patients need to choose their removal method wisely.

3- Shorter recovery time: Laser tattoo removal requires a few sessions to reach the patient’s desired outcome, but one of the best parts of this removal is the shorter recovery time.  Little to no downtime is needed following a laser tattoo removal procedure.  The patient can still perform normal daily duties and activities following the procedure.

Laser removal is one of the best options available as it has one of the highest success rates, a lower risk of side effects, and yields a shorter recovery time. While there are a variety of reasons why a patient should choose laser tattoo removal above other methods, the best thing for a patient to do before choosing a method is do a ton of research. A patient interested in removal should seek the advice of medical professionals who do various different removal methods to help determine which method is best. 

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Reasons to Choose Laser Tattoo Removal

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This article was published on 2013/02/14